Heart & SouL

You feel like life has only just got started.

You’re creative and you’ve got style. You want photographs that make you shine like the woman you are.

You’ve had experiences. Oh my, have you had some experiences.

Inspiration is air to you, it’s what you thrive on.

You love to surround yourself with things that tell a story.

You are drawn to experiences that make you feel something.

You don’t do bland or mainstream which is great, because neither do I.

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You & Me

We’re like two peas in a pod.

Let’s create some images together,
the ones you really want.

jojo x


Love storY
It looks like you.

You like experiences to make you feel something, from mascara streaking belly-laughs to the soul-deep hard ones that bruise your heart because you know something something good will come of that experience, a relationship will deepen, a truth will be told or a memory will be made that’s truly worth remembering.

You know and understand the value of amazing imagery, even more so, ones that tell your story of the years of loving and nurturing your family. The story of being needed every minute of every day and as you step back and watch them take flight.


My Surrey studio is perfect for newborn and baby sessions. If you’re expecting or have had your baby recently and would like to see images from my studio sessions, click the button below.

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Summer Family Outdoor Photography

Summer Family Outdoor Photography

Preparing for one of my summer family outdoor photography sessions can be so much fun. Getting fully invested in your session and the planning process will ultimately give you a gallery of photographs that leave you speechless. To have photos of your family that you...

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Surrey Newborn Studio Session

Surrey Newborn Studio Session

Having my Surrey newborn studio available for new parents for their photography session is proving waaaay more popular than I could ever have imagined! The joy of having a cosy warm studio is two fold. Firstly clients love it because they can arrive with their new...

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Shooting Around the Weather

Shooting Around the Weather

Shooting around the weather is particularly poignant at the moment, we have had weeks of rain after a glorious burst of late summer and I can see the sprits of family photographers throughout the UK not just dampen but get washed away in the seemingly constant...

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feel something

I am all about emotive maternity, newborn and family photography sessions for those who want photographs that make them feel something. I work with clients throughout Surrey and London to give them the images they dream of and train photographers, helping them along in their creative journey.