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Always in search of a creative outlet, from painting and sculpting through to my work as a photographer, my late Grandmother used to say of me as a child, “She was born with a pencil in her hand!”. Fresh paper and a dimpled beer glass (remember those?) of coloured pencils were always laid out ready for me when we visited.

After messing around with film cameras for years I bought my first DSLR in 2007 and started taking photos of everything and everyone…no one was spared.

Trapped in an office job and shooting evenings and weekends, it was 2014 before I could leave and become a full time photographer. It was about then I discovered my super power was making babies sleep and children giggle creating the relaxed and emotive style of photography I love and quickly became known for.

For me childhood was about spending hours playing in the woods with other kids in our street, climbing trees and making camps in the long grass. Nature was our playground, a constant source of fascination and inspiration for our untamed imaginations. Those adventures, the desire to run wild, explore and experience everything has never left me (slightly less tree climbing these days but not unknown!)

My journey over the last decade has been entirely focused on learning how to take the feeling of a moment, an adventure and turn it into something tangible. To take light and emotion and bring them together to create something truly unique for my clients, something that is as far away as possible from posed images of their family and to give women a moment to shine, to be themselves.

When I’m not tickling children or soothing babies, I’m Mum to my three children, Ryan, Emily and Liv, Step-Mum to Charlie and Grannie JoJo to Step-Grandson Flynn. Families, our journeys are complicated, chaotic and beautiful. Don’t miss this moment.

jojo x


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Emma’s Story

Emma’s Story

The arrival of any new baby is special but Emma's case, seeing her heart filled with such love and wonderment was something else.

Oh My!

I cannot thank you enough.These are pictures I will cherish forever.



feel something

I am all about emotive maternity, newborn and family photography sessions for those who want photographs that make them feel something. I work with clients throughout Surrey and London to give them the images they dream of and train photographers, helping them along in their creative journey.