Summer Family Outdoor Photography

Preparing for one of my summer family outdoor photography sessions can be so much fun. Getting...

Surrey Newborn Studio Session

Having my Surrey newborn studio available for new parents for their photography session is proving...

Shooting Around the Weather

Shooting around the weather is particularly poignant at the moment, we have had weeks of rain...

3 Steps to Get Your Photography Marketing Ball Rolling

Following on from a post a few weeks ago (this could almost be ‘Part Two’ really), I wanted to dig...

Lighting Tips for Family Photography

Lighting tips are the most asked for advice when it comes to outdoor family photography sessions...

The Art of Getting Things Done in your Photography Business

This is a big one for soooo many photographers that I talk to. I’ll let you in on a secret, there’s no secret to success. It will only come with hard work and moving forward everyday.

5 Secrets for a Successful Photoshoot

My secrets for a successful photoshoot with the end result being fabulous images that you love.

The Outdoor Studio – Summer 2019

With fields of wheat, long grass and later in the summer, sunflowers for us to roam around in, what could be more perfect..?

Newborn Sessions – Everything You Need to Know

Having worked with hundreds of newborns and their sleep deprived parents over the last decade, I’ve got you covered.

When is the best time for a maternity session?

Maternity photography sessions are really about you, capturing you as you bloom into motherhood and about your journey to becoming a family.