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Many businesses have in recent years turned to stock photos for their website images and brand photography but increasingly companies both large and small are realising the power of bespoke  commercial photography for their business.

As website photos become more and more important to communicate a brand or product to a particular audience, the need for professional headshots and creative photography is on the rise.  Having a good image library of unique pictures that can’t be found on any of the stock photo sites is an essential resource and engaging the services of a good product photographer, or if you provide a service, a creative photographer is paramount. You need a innovative photographer who takes the time to understand your business and your target market so your corporate photography images appeal to those you are trying to reach.

With over twenty years experience working with many small businesses in a range of industries, I am in the unique position of being about to bring together quality professional commercial photography and the marketing needs of a business. I work mainly with small independent businesses, designing bespoke commercial photography packages, tailored to their needs whether it be a complete range of products for a new website or service based imagery to project their company’s brand and mission statement. My Brand Story photography is about more than just products or static headshots, it’s about the people who make your business personal.

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