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Spring 2021

outdoor sessions-29th March

Every year around April 1st as the days start to get a little warmer and the trees become a bit greener, I open up my outdoor sessions which run righ through until the end of October.

This year it’s particularly exciting as, after being closed for seven months of the last twelve, we are finally allowed to open for business again, hopefully for good this time.

So, from 29th March sessions will start as usual in the Outdoor Studio which is about as safe as it gets when it comes to contact.  With over a hundred acres of private land to wander in, there will be just you, your family and me.

I don’t need to get too close during outdoor sessions anyway so keeping a safe distance is no problem and there is minimal chance of meeting anyone else.

maternity photographer surrey
mother and newborn photography studio

studio newborn sessions – 12th April 

Studio sesions will open a little later on April 12th in accordance with the government roadmap out of the pandemic. My studio is large enought to keep at a reasonable distance for most of the session but in order to get those dreamy close up shots of your baby, I do need to get close and may need to adjust the position of their hands or feet.

Because of that close contact, newborn photographers fall in the same category as hairdressers and beauty salons which will be allowed to open from April 12th by observing safety measures.

My studio is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly, sessions are never closer than 48 hours to each other and I will wear a mask and gloves during our time together.

As we all know, the governemnt roadmap and rules are dependent upon the pandemic subsiding  and that these dates may change.  Should I be required to close again and you have a session booked, outdoor sessions can be postponed and we may consider an in-home session for your newborn depending on the restrictions at the time.

If you have any questions about my sessions, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Oh My!

I cannot thank you enough.These are pictures I will cherish forever.