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FamilY PhotogRaphy

A self study course for natural light family photographers who want to create more authentic imagery for their clients.

I am a natural light family photographer who loves to help other lifestyle photographers overcome their creative obstacles. Over the last 10 years, I have built the business I never dreamed possible by finding a style that attracts clients with imagery that fills my creative heart every day.


Do you want to create natural, emotive family imagery?


Do you wish you could walk into any family session feeling prepared, confident and capable of capturing truly authentic images within a two hour session?


Do you wonder how to prepare your clients for successful family sessions every time?


Do you want to learn how to bring warmth and genuine emotion into every single image you take, giving you a consistent style for your clients year after year.


It Work?

During this course you’ll be learning how to create successful and truly authentic family sessions so that you can start building the business of your dreams. The course is available immediately via download so you can work at your own pace.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I can show you the most effective techniques, workflows and tools to bring all the elements of your photography business together to give your clients the ultimate experience and images they will love. 


This course is for you if…


You love family photography but are struggling to make money from it


You are looking for a more consistent style


You prefer to work at your own pace


You want to stretch your creative wings and be inspired


You want to make natural, authentic family images the core of your business


Through taking this course

  • You’ll learn my secrets developed from over ten years shooting natural family outdoor sessions
  • Learn the exact equipment I use for my family sessions, you can start selling these sessions with what you have right now
  • How to shoot in any location, whatever the light. After this course you’ll have the confidence to walk into any situation and create a beautiful gallery that will sell

    • Easily add natural, unposed sessions to your business, creating emotive images that will bring tears to your clients eyes
    • How to prepare your clients and ensure they know exactly what to expect
    • How to ‘un-pose’ your clients and make it a fun adventure for them





    An 88 page course workbook


    Three modules packed with information


    Three assignments to put my techniques into practice


    Detailed session workflow


    Business overview and client care

    Bonus GuidE


    FREE! Included with this course, the exact key emails and workflow I use for communication with clients from the first enquiry through to delivery of their gallery images. 


    Worth £49


    During the Course

    1. PART ONE

    Creativity: We’ll talk about overcoming your fear, imposter syndrome and using others work to inspire you.  I’ll show you how choosing the right lens can influence your creative work and how to create a portfolio that you can’t wait to share.

    2. PART TWO

    Planning: We’ll go through preparing your clients and managing their expectations all the way through their journey with you. Create mood and professional looking styling before each session even starts.


    Shooting: I’ll share with you what to look for when choosing locations, how to ‘not pose’ clients during their session, looking for the light and how to frame images perfectly in camera.

    see what's inside

    A comprehensive guide to running your own successful family photography sessions.

    What OtheRs Say



    JoJo’s Love & Light course is without a doubt the best investment I have made with my photography business when it comes to online workshops. I’ve loved reading it and it really tested what I had learnt on my next maternity session by personally picking the location, the time and what the couple were to wear. And this was by far my best shoot yet! It brought back the love I have for photography.  I still have so much to learn but this course has definitely altered the way I work for the better.

    Menzies Photography 



    Love & Light is hands down the best online course I have purchased to date. It is so informative, JoJo literally doesn’t hold back any information, it’s all there for the taking! Thanks JoJo for being a huge source of inspiration and for producing such a brilliant guide that I can refer back to time and time again.

    Jo Ellen Photography



    I absolutely loved JoJo’s Love & Light course! This course helped me in understanding the business side of things. I would highly recommend this course to both newcomers and experienced photographers alike.

    Ewa Jones Photography

    Summary of what’s included with this course:

    >> 88 page workbook

    >> 3 practical assignments to build your skills

    >> FREE bonus guide ‘Email Templates & Workflow’




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