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mother and newborn in greenwich apartment

I’ve always maintained that having your newborn photo shoot at home is definitely the best place as not only is it easier for you, it makes your photos truly personal, telling the story of where you were as part of your baby’s early days. As my newborn sessions ideally take place in the first two weeks, getting packed up, timing feeds and getting out the door can be akin to a military manoeuvre, so having your new baby photographed at home takes the stress right out of it. Yes, there’s a little bit of preparation but if you book before your baby is born, you will have plenty of time to get things ready with a little guidance from me.  Normally I stick pretty much within Surrey, but on this occasion I ventured much further afield to the far reaches of The Other Side of London. I know, adventurous huh?

Just avoiding the Dartford Tunnel and back towards the city is like another world to me being a country girl. Give me trees and long grass and I’m a happy lass, having said that I have recently become a huge fan of the city break after a recent trip to Rome but that’s a whole other story.

On the day of this newborn shoot I found myself in an stunning apartment in a converted factory with a pretty amazing couple and their totally adorable baby. Yes, I know I say that about all babies but I can’t help it, they just are. In a sec you should scroll all the way down through the pics and I bet you can’t do it without a little smile and a sigh at the cuteness going on. I mean, check out the curls! Wherever you are and whatever time of day (or night) it is, I hope you are enjoying pootling round my website, if you have any questions at all about my sessions, click the link at the bottom and say hi. Right, I won’t keep you reading any longer. X


As promised, here’s the link, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Email me here or give me a ring me on 01483 272016, unless it’s the middle of the night obviously 😉


  1. Christopher Hall

    Stunning. Simply stunning… Beautiful location and sure character in the photos.

    • JoJo

      Thank you for leaving a comment Chris, glad you enjoyed them! 🙂


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