Brand New Newborn Session in Guildford with Philippa, Ben and Family

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The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy busy, I have met so many unbelievably wonderful families and people and it’s made me feel quite sentimental about the incredible transformations our lives go through when we have families. I’ve met blooming mums-to-be just brimming with anticipation to meet their new babies, to become part of the ‘motherhood’ tribe. I’ve met new parents who are wrapped in the warm, fuzzy blanket of previously inconceivable emotion and pure adoration for their newborn child. There have been slightly frazzled parents with second babies who thought their hearts couldn’t love more than they did only to find that yes, oh yes they certainly can. Not to mention the wonderful chaotic gaggle of many cnnhildren in larger families who play, tease, poke, laugh and just are together.

Each type of session, each stage of a growing family has a special place in my heart, each family is every bit as beautiful as the next and so often mothers are not in the frame and in the whirlwind that is family life it gets left behind so easily. I wanted to share these images with you from a session to mark the arrival of Philippa and Ben’s second child as they tell a little story that is both beautiful and demanding to be captured. It’s the story of their love, of crazy, busy days with a toddler and a newborn and of the purity of emotion when you hold your new baby close, having known them only a week but also a lifetime.  Time kind of stands still during that first week, after the weeks of anticipation, trying to plan for a massive life event but not knowing precisely when it will happen. It’s a bit like a storm, you can feel it coming, there’s a period of intensity as Mother Nature steps in and reminds you of her awesome and overarching power, then peace and safety.

Thinking about how incredibly fast these years go, in fact if I think about it too much I’m afraid to blink, keeps me going when things are tough. Just knowing that by capturing these beautiful and precious moments now for so many gorgeous families, they will have the memories for the future. I love that years down the line, these images will still be hanging on walls, probably moved from home to home, but will become part of a family’s history, part of their story. They will inspire questions and conversations about childhood. As they grow up, the children will see themselves as a family in those images and feel so loved and safe, even if they don’t remember the day, they will recognise the feelings and know that it was a truly special time in their lives.

If you would like more information about having a newborn session please get in touch by email or on 01483 272016.


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