Welcome Baby Theo – A Newborn Session In Hampton

Newborn Photography

Oh my goodness, what an adorable newborn session in Hampton. This session took place some months ago but I’m only just getting around to sharing it with you now!

I get asked a lot of questions about my sessions as for many parents it’s their first newborn session and more often than not, their first baby.  When they book a session, (hopefully) they haven’t already had their baby so they are a little nervous about the whole new baby business and how a photography session is going to go with a tiny little human they haven’t even met properly yet! It can be daunting, which is where my experience comes in.

After photographing literally hundreds of babies over the last ten years, ranging from two days old upwards I’ve learned a thing or two about making a newborn session a really positive experience. An experience that results in beautiful photographs for you to look back on of a time that, I promise you, will feel like a whirlwind and frankly, a bit of a blur. It will feel like moments before your tiny new baby has grown out of their newborn clothes, filled out a little and is suddenly not newborn anymore.

My newborn sessions are scheduled for a week after your due date but can always be moved if your baby arrives earlier or later than planned.  Prior to your session, I’ll make sure you have all the information you need to prepare your baby, yourself and your home with the minimum of effort and fuss to ensure a really successful session. I’ll be in and out within  couple of hours having captured some really great images of your new family so that you can get on with getting to know your new baby knowing your memories are safely documented. x


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