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This newborn session in surrey came about after photographing  a friend of Sarah’s a month or so beforehand, she saw their photos and got in  touch just after their new baby arrived. So he was a couple of weeks old by the time we got to do his photos but that didn’t hinder the session in any way.  Mostly I like to old newborn sessions at about a week old as new babies are still very sleepy and don’t mind being moved around a bit while they’re sleeping.  It’s important they sleep during a session as when newborns are awake, they generally need either feeding or changing and their eyes, hands and feet are constantly on the move as they learn to control their movements. So a sleeping baby makes for those gorgeous relaxed moments when I can capture tiny details and their beautiful newborn features.

While chatting to a client during another newborn session in Surrey earlier this week while she gave her baby a feed between photos, I was explaining that some children I first met as newborns, exactly as were doing right then, were now at school!  It really made me think about how wonderful that is. How great that I get to see these amazing families grow, new siblings arrive and keep photographing them through each stage every year or so. How fabulous that these children who I held as newborns, tickled as toddlers, played games with as pre schoolers, now are completely comfortable with me turning up every now and then, hanging out and photographing them.

This year, I’m working on making it even easier for you to get beautiful photographs of your family.  I know life is busy with families, work and keeping the wheels turning, so I’ve made it my mission to make things as simple as possible for you. Get in touch by email or give me a ring on 01483 272016 to find out more or just to say hi, I love to hear from you. x


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I am all about emotive maternity, newborn and family photography sessions for those who want photographs that make them feel something. I work with clients throughout Surrey and London to give them the images they dream of and train photographers, helping them along in their creative journey.