Older Baby Photoshoots

Older baby photoshoots in the studio can be the answer to getting some wonderful professional photos of your baby or toddler if the thought of keeping them up for a Golden Hour outdoor session is too daunting.

Outdoor family photoshoots are wonderful but can feel a little too much for an older baby photoshoot if they would usually be tucked up in bed. Some families are happy to adjust their feed and naps times on the day but for others who really don’t want to mess their routine up, a daytime photoshoot in the studio might well be the solution.

As babies start to become mobile it can be hard to capture them on your own at home which makes the calming atmosphere and laid back attitude in the studio perfect for older babies to toddlers. These sessions are about lots of cuddles, gentle playing and keeping them entertained for a slightly shorter session than a full outdoor photoshoot.

The gorgeous vintage vibe in the studio (read more about the studio here) is changed regularly to keep things fresh which gives you the perfect opportunity to some of the outfits from my client wardrobe and really capture you and your baby in a creative and truly unique way.


Older baby photoshoots can take place with babies between 3 weeks and 1 year old and can be scheduled at any time during the day that suits your usual routine. After booking you in, you will have access to my Style Guide and we start to plan your outfits and the style of your photoshoot.

The whole immediate family is of course included in this session but if you are thinking of including grandparents or have more than two children I would recommend and outdoor family session so we can capture you all together in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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