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If you’ve spent some time looking for a local family photographer, it’s likely you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choice and options available.  You're a discerning person who knows the value of quality so at a guess, you'll want the following:

 - The security of knowing that whoever you choose will give you a great session and deliver the photos of your family you always dreamed of.

 - A photographer who has a LOT of experience with fussy newborns, toddler meltdowns, camera shy husbands, self conscious teenagers...

 - A photographer who can work around anything family life throws at them and still produce a beautiful gallery.

 - That you will be looked after from booking and planning your session to receiving your photographs.

 - To not have to go through the whole research process again next year to update your family photos.

 - To know that you will receive detailed advice about what to wear and how to prepare.

 - To know all the costs up front so there are no nasty surprises after your session.

 - To feel confident that you will be getting value for your hard earned pennies.

My photography business is in it’s eleventh year now and I have never been more passionate about what I do, nor more committed to making sure all my clients have a fantastic experience and receive beautiful images, session after session, year after year.  

I've got four kids, the more the merrier, adding the family dog into sessions is actively encouraged.  I love to capture the emotional bonds and quirkiness that families are made of.

My sessions and packages are the same price weekdays or weekends with various options for capturing your family whether it's at home with your newborn or wandering the woods and fields.

So that you are completely free to choose how you would like your images, you can prebook a package or secure your session with a booking fee of £200 which does not include any digitals or prints. I aways encourage clients to have at least a few of their favourite images printed and framed, you're busy and I know how life goes, it's so easy to think that once you have the digital files, you'll get round to printing them 'later'.  

There's nothing like completing a job and my job is to make it easy for you to get those photographs out in the open, on walls, desks and coffee tables, professionally printed where you can see them every day and know that they will last a lifetime.  Having said that, you may have reasons to purchase just the digitals and that is totally fine too!

I offer high qulaity framed prints, albums, prints and packages for those key moments in your family's journey, maternity, newborn, even a twelve month package created to capture the first year of your new baby's life.

Please do get in touch using the form below or give me a call on 01483 272016 / 07952 337443 to find out more, I'd love to hear from you.

If you would like more information or to book a session, please send me your details in the form below.