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Ready for some pretty sunset family photography?  Before you start scrolling, lets talk a little about how all this comes about.  You have more than likely heard of The Golden Hour, the holy grail of outdoor photography.  This is the hour before the sun sets and the light is quite simply be-au-tiful. If you’re lucky enough to get a gorgeously sunny sunset like we were for this family session, then you have the very best light to work with once you master the art of backlighting.  The soft glow of the sinking sun shines gently on your subjects from behind giving everything a gorgeous pop of warmth and definition. Slightly underexposing  means you keep all your details rather than blowing the highlights to the point where they are unrecoverable when processing.

These guys booked their session months ago but we had to reschedule due to bad weather amongst other things.  I can’t tell you how glad we all are that the session ended up on this day with this light to shoot with. A relaxed hour or so bimbling around the heath and playing amongst the trees, we all ended up with sandy toes and grinning from ear to ear.

As the days draw in (sorry!) and the sunset is a little earlier it becomes easier and easier to have an evening session with little ones.  Or a morning session for that matter!  As the Autumn sessions are the most popular of the year, I shoot both morning and evening to catch the best light and either end of the day. If you’re thinking of having an Autumn session, do get in touch as there are only limited spaces left.


Sunset family photography sessions are still booking for the Autumn, please get in touch for more information, or ring me on 01483 272016 or 07952 337443 for a chat.

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