The Outdoor Studio – Summer 2019

Family Photography

In addition to the fabulous new studio recently opened here for indoor shooting, teaching and visiting, I am lucky enough to have access to acres of beautiful farmland for outdoor sessions. With fields of wheat, long grass and later in the summer, sunflowers for us to roam around in, what could be more perfect..?

This is a place where your family can safely play, wander and explore, where you can feel free and relaxed away from other people, something my clients really appreciate, a space they can be themselves.  We can thrown a blanket down in the summer grasses for family snuggles, we can make camps or find a beautiful spot for you to share a moment with your loved one.  Using these stunning backdrops, knowing the best lighting and discussing the styling of your session all play a huge part in the feel of your photographs, which is what I’m here for, not just to take pictures but to bring all these laments together and conjure them into beautiful memories of you and your family.


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Summer Family Outdoor Photography