Vintage Styled Newborn Shoots

Vintage styled newborn shoots are just heaven! Honestly, since I started styling my studio sessions with vintage furniture and fabrics, my creative heart hasn’t stopped thumping away. Getting creative with styling brings so many bonuses for my clients, it’s a chance to step outside of everyday life and do something a little bit other worldly. I think we all have a little romance in our souls and these newborn studio sessions really bring that out in people. Not only that but it’s a chance to unwind, spend time together with your new baby in the most relaxing, slow way. Nothing about my vintage styled newborn shoots is hurried, from the moment you walk in the door, the calming scents and warmth envelopes you, you won’t want to leave!

In case you’re new to my newborn information, these sessions are best held when your new baby is about one week old but if you have missed booking before your baby arrived, we can extend that to 3-4 weeks old. Sessions include a selection of beautiful dresses that have been carefully curated to work with the vintage theme and to suit new mum’s and all post pregnancy shapes. There is also a beautiful collection of handmade baby clothes, again to fit with the tones and textures of the sessions and the studio.

We discuss all the styling before vintage styled newborn shoots so that you are completely prepared, I’ll even advise you on how to schedule your baby’s feed on the day. One of the things my clients love is that there is no pressure to be at the studio exactly on time, you just let me knew when you are on your way and I’ll be ready for you. My job is to make this experience as relaxing and enjoyable as it can possibly be for you, as well as to take beautiful photographs that you’ll treasure for ever of course.

These photos are just a selection from a full gallery taken during one session here in the studio.  If you’d like to read more about newborn sessions, pop over to my NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION PAGE here or my blog post EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NEWBORN SESSIONS.


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